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New Ways for Families® Counselling
New Ways for Families® Counselling is a structured program designed by Bill Eddy from the High Conflict Institute is a method for helping families in separation and divorce.  The intent of the program is to reduce the impact of separation/divorce on children and teach parents to effectively negotiate to avoid excess reliance on courts and litigation, which can be overly adversarial and expensive. Parents have opportunities within the course to practice and strengthen skills to encourage positive future behavior.

Parents that complete the New Ways for Families® program provide information to the court that parents are able to successfully demonstrate skills to co-parent successfully.  It can also provide information about those that require further intervention.

Course Components 

  • 6 sessions each – individual parent and counsellor
  • 3 sessions each – individual parent and child/ren


New Ways for Families® Decision Skills
New Ways for Families® Decision Skills course is a structured program designed to help parents strengthen decision-making skills during separation and divorce.  This will bring more stability to your life.  The course can be accessed by parents that have children or not.  The focus is on four key decision making skills which can prepare you for mediation and/or court.

Course Components 

  • 3 – 90 minute sessions each – can be individual or in a group setting


Divorce Coaching
Divorce can be a painful and emotional experience.  A divorce coach can help you organize your goals, map out how you want to navigate your divorce, and help you work through the inevitable issues that will arise as you go through this process.  Divorce is extremely stressful and emotions can be overwhelming. A professional will assist you in managing your emotions, preparing proposals, prepare you handle difficult spouses and your fears of going through this experience. 
New Ways for Families® Pre-Mediation Coaching
This course is designed for anyone preparing to enter mediation.  The focus is to help you learn to manage your emotions and stay calm, make proposals and decisions that will last.  The course provides important points about mediation and provides opportunities to learn and practice 4 valuable skills to navigate the mediation process effectively.

Course Components –  1 or 2 individual 90 minute sessions

Reports and Assessments

  1. Voice of the Child/Children’s Voices Report – this report provides the child the opportunity to share their views and have them heard when their best interests are decided in the family justice system.
  2. Adoption Home Study Report – No matter what kind of adoption you choose in Canada, you’ll need a home study in order to get it started. For adoptive parents in most provinces, a home study is the first step in the process — an assessment of your skills and talents as a potential parent. Although you can start your adoption search prior to getting your study approved, your adoption won’t be finalized until your home study is completed.

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